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Beaver building a house — live action!

The list of those who work the Mississippi River as it flows through Minneapolis is much shorter today than it used to be. Fewer tugboat captains, fewer deckhands. But beavers, those riparian workaholics, are still at it. I first saw … Continue reading

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Our horseshoe dam might need a little luck

Speaking of geometry… not all dams are straight like this slapped-together beaver dam, and this monster dam in China. Some dams break that mold. Take a look at this angular, horseshoe-shaped dam below the Third Avenue Bridge on the Mississippi … Continue reading

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A delta not so far away

Up here near the Mississippi River’s source, I don’t necessarily feel connected to the river’s mouth, a weird and exotic place about 850 river miles away. But Dr. Chris Paola, a University of Minnesota geologist, feels the connection every day. … Continue reading

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Science Happy Hour

I’ve lived in several neighborhoods in my lifetime. Each of them had a certain “feel” to it. My suburban Seattle neighborhood felt, well, suburban, and dominated by Interstate 5. I feel no need for journalistic objectivity, and show you the … Continue reading

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