This blog is dedicated to the everyday discoveries that make life interesting.

When I moved to southeast Minneapolis, one of the first things I discovered was an old railroad bridge near the University of Minnesota. How did I make it through four and a half years as a U of M student without ever seeing this bridge across the Mississippi River? Probably asleep on my way to all those 8 a.m. French classes. Today this bridge — converted to a charming pedestrian bridge — is one of my favorite neighborhood landmarks.

I finally graduated from the U in journalism, worked at the St. Cloud Daily Times right out of school, then free-lanced in Seattle, Washington. But after my daughters were born, I started reading hundreds of children’s books and strayed from the frenetic world of journalism to the more reflective world of picture book writing. And now, after about twenty-five years and nineteen children’s books, I’m straying again, this time into the electronic world.  My fellow bloggers at WordPress School tell me that writing a blog is like being in a lighted room on a dark night. I’m ready to turn on the lights.

Lisa Peters, Minneapolis

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