You plant potatoes, you get potatoes

It’s no mystery to me why I find beauty in the industrial relics of southeast Minneapolis.

I grew up on my dad’s photographs. A chemical engineer and a serious amateur photographer, he loved to shoot pictures of rusty valves, pipes and the decrepit interiors of abandoned flour mills.

Here’s to my dad, Walter Monson Westberg, 1921 – 2011, and to the powerful influence he had on me.

North Shore Grain Elevators. Photo by Walter Westberg

Electric Steel Elevator. Photo by Lisa Peters

Pressure Vessel. Photo by Walter Westberg

St. Anthony Falls Laboratory Valve. Photo by Lisa Peters

Mill Stairs. Photo by Walter Westberg

Pillsbury A Mill Window. Photo by Lisa Peters

St. Paul Skyline. Photo by Walter Westberg

Minneapolis Skyline. Photo by Lisa Peters

Self-portrait. Photo by Walter Westberg

Lisa. Photo by Walter Westberg



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