Shadows of Gotham City

I love Halloween. I especially love the homemade costumes that barely make any sense. It’s true, the neighborhood art gallery’s month-long, haunted basement thing grows old after just a few days, but I assume the gallery is making a lot of money.

On Monday, I’ll wear my screeching Halloween socks and my multi-colored wig, but in the meantime, I’ve been seeing shadows in the neighborhood:

Devil's pitchfork

Lonely monk

Parabolic ghosts

Raggedy crows

Gotham City

Bats in a cage

Witch's broom

Skeleton's fingers

Creepy ants go marching

A coffin, of course

Man with a hook

Hummingbird gone bad

Shadow key:

devil’s pitchfork — parking meters
lonely monk — street light
parabolic ghosts — bike rack
raggedy crows — sumac leaves
Gotham City — newspaper boxes
bats in a cage — highbush cranberry leaves through a fence
witch’s broom — little bluestem grass
skeleton’s fingers — sunflower
creepy ants — sideoats grama grass
coffin — park bench
man with a hook — bicycle
hummingbird gone bad — cottonwood leaf

Happy Halloween!


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