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Beaver building a house — live action!

The list of those who work the Mississippi River as it flows through Minneapolis is much shorter today than it used to be. Fewer tugboat captains, fewer deckhands. But beavers, those riparian workaholics, are still at it. I first saw … Continue reading

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Borrowed scenery: two clocks

I consider any and all scenery on the west bank of the Mississippi River to be “borrowed scenery” for those of us on the east bank. The term comes from Japanese gardeners, and it refers to the idea of including … Continue reading

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What’s blooming in the urban prairie patch?

Almost every day, I get a tiny dose of prairieĀ  in the middle of the city. The Sixth Avenue Greenway, just a few blocks from the Mississippi River, looks a little unruly and neglected this time of year, but it’s … Continue reading

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