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Why don’t the oil and gas drillers want our sand?

Several feet beneath me (and you, too, if you live in Minneapolis or St. Paul) is a thick layer of sugar-like sand — about a hundred and fifty feet thick. Here’s a tiny slice of it: Photo by Mark Ryan, … Continue reading

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How Bridge 9 holds it together

When I moved to the Minneapolis riverfront, I wanted to learn about the bridges. This stretch of the Mississippi River has so many of them. A week and a half after we unloaded the moving truck, the 35W bridge — … Continue reading

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Didn’t see any Lycra on this year’s underwear bicycle riders

Thank goodness I didn’t miss the annual Fourth of July Underwear Ride sponsored by mplsbikelove. It’s the single best reason to stay in town over the Fourth. Yes, the fireworks are cool, but the underwear bicycle ride just plain makes … Continue reading

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Rickety-chimney chimney swifts

The Soap Factory‘s rickety chimney didn’t win my Rickety Chimney Contest but it probably should have. Soap Factory with downtown Minneapolis in the background It has a crack running down the length of it and it’s been hit by lightning … Continue reading

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